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For damage-free and affordable unlocking service, call Colgate’s Locksmith Services.

Lost Your Only Key? We Can Get You In

When you find yourself locked out of your home, office or car your first inclination may be to try and pick a lock or break a window. Trying to gain entry on your own can result in expensive repairs to pay for afterwards. Before you take such drastic measures, you should call the professionals at Colgate’s Locksmith in Louisville, KY.

Locked Out Of Your House? No Problem, We Can Pick Your Locks

Nothing is quite as unsettling as finding that you’ve locked yourself out of your own home. The desperate feeling of wanting to open the door and get inside can be overwhelming. But, before you try to break into your own home by breaking a window or jamming something in the lock, your first call should be to Colgate’s Locksmith. Because we’re a mobile locksmith we will come right to your location. We have all the tools necessary to get you back in your home without causing any damages.

Office Unlock Service

It is bound to happen at one time or another. You arrive at your office only to find you are locked out. You have a lot to accomplish at work so don’t let an office lockout stop you. Simply call Colgate’s Locksmith in Louisville, KY. We have the tools to get you into your office so you don’t lose an entire day of productivity.

Locked Out Of Your Car? Get The Help You Need Today

It can happen anywhere and at any time. You go to unlock your car and realize you’ve locked the keys in your car.

Suddenly you’re faced with a decision to either break into your car or call for help. If you choose to take care of the problem yourself, you’ll likely pay a lot more after you fix the damage you caused trying to gain entry. Instead, make life easy. Call Colgate’s Locksmith.

We’re a 24-hour locksmith that provides emergency locksmith service at any time of the day or night. We’ll safely unlock your car so you can be on your way.

We Can Generate
New Keys From Scratch

There will be times when you’ll need new keys made. This could be for your home, car, or office. Colgate’s Locksmith can make keys for anything you own. In fact, you should have two sets of keys for everything because you never know when you’ll misplace a set of keys or lose your keys. A second set will ensure you always have keys on hand.

Other Locksmith Services

Colgate’s Locksmith Services provides a myriad of locksmith services for your home, office and car. If you have an issue that requires an experienced locksmith, we will be right there to solve the problem so you can focus on more important things. You can always depend on us to show up when you need us with our emergency locksmith service.

Contact Us For Same
Day Unlocking Service

Colgate’s Locksmith is a local family-owned locksmith that has been providing our customers with trusted service for over 25 years.

We only use the best hardware from trusted brands such as Schlage, Kwikset and U.S. Lock. We strive to provide professional service and exceed our customer’s expectations.

When you need a reliable and experience locksmith, look no further than Colgate’s Locksmith. You are welcome to visit our walk-in location or give us a call for 24-hour emergency lock and key service. We are here to serve you.