Best Brand Name Safes

Brands of Safes We Carry Include:

At Colgate’s Locksmith, we know how important your privacy and safety are, so we only carry the most trusted and proven brand name safes on the market. Take a look at some of the many residential and commercial safe brands we keep in stock at our store. We are also able to special order jewelry safes, gun safes, and more.

Gardall Safes

Founded in 1950, Gardall Safe Corporation was primarily known for being a northeast regional dealer-based safe manufacturer.

American Security (Amsec) Safes

AMSEC began in the late 1940’s in a small building in Paramount, California, where founder Glenn Hall set up shop with little more than a welder, a lathe and a desire to build strong safes.

Vault Pro Safes

Vault Pro USA is a premier manufacturer of premium quality American made safes, vault doors, safe rooms, storm shelters & tornado shelter doors and emergency escape hatches.